Thursday, June 6, 2013

FOOD REVIEW: Kashi's Pizza

So, I am no food expert, but as I try new things and seek to find ways to constantly enjoy eating healthy, I like to share my experiences with you all. So, Monday I was at Target, and saw Kashi's BBQ Recipe Chicken Pizza.

Well, I will say, I LOVE THIS PIZZA. Why?

1. It does not taste healthy!
2. You get huge, real chunks of chicken breast on the top of your pizza
3. You get nice sized onions and peppers which are very tasty
4. The crust is thin and has a nice taste. Does not taste like whole grain crust. Most wheat crust tastes like cardboard - not this one
5. Icing on the cake - instead of pasta sauce, they use BBQ sauce, hence the name. I was in heaven. I love BBQ!
6. Full of benefits - high in fiber (6g), high in protein (15g), and decent calories (240 cal per 1/3 serving size)

I recommend my pizza lovers to try this ASAP. Do not get the store's greasy pizza filled with oil. This is great for dinner with a side salad - delicious!

TW aka Plus Size Health Nut

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