Tuesday, June 18, 2013

***Food Review*** Weight Watchers Breakfast Quesadilla

I seek to try new things to help my members and readers in identifying various ways to improve their lives. The one thing I hear common is: I do not eat breakfast because everything is so unhealthy. The reality is, everything is not unhealthy for breakfast. This past Saturday I went to Target, and saw they had Weight Watcher's Smart Ones breakfast sandwiches for $3.04, not bad since the box comes with two sandwiches.

Although I do not follow the Weight Watchers plan, I do occasionally purchase their meals because as you know, we have to eat. So, this one I felt called for a review. Again, breakfast always seems to be the meal that most people skip.

So the pros and cons of my experience.
As always, I start with the Pros:
1. It is convenient to make. Pop in the microwave. The only downfall to this would be if you do not have a microwave because this is the only method of making.
2. You get two sandwiches, so 2 for $3 was how I saw it.
3. Easy to make. They come with sleeves like Hot Pockets.
4. Good source of fiber - 6g per serving

The Cons:
1. Disgusting, processed cheese. After I finished, my stomach hurt real bad.
2. High in sodium - 710 mg per serving - sort of high, especially for people with high blood pressure
3. It was supposed to have Turkey Bacon - where was it?

I want people to understand, this was not all bad. I liked the fact it had peppers and some additional flavors, but I think the processed cheese really messed up the taste of the sandwich. I plan to make this myself at home, and will share the results in the end. Remember, breakfast is important, and provides many benefits to you. So, when you run to the store try one of the other options, and if you do not get a chance to do so, I will probably review it for you by then.

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