Tuesday, June 18, 2013

***Food Review*** Weight Watchers Breakfast Quesadilla

I seek to try new things to help my members and readers in identifying various ways to improve their lives. The one thing I hear common is: I do not eat breakfast because everything is so unhealthy. The reality is, everything is not unhealthy for breakfast. This past Saturday I went to Target, and saw they had Weight Watcher's Smart Ones breakfast sandwiches for $3.04, not bad since the box comes with two sandwiches.

Although I do not follow the Weight Watchers plan, I do occasionally purchase their meals because as you know, we have to eat. So, this one I felt called for a review. Again, breakfast always seems to be the meal that most people skip.

So the pros and cons of my experience.
As always, I start with the Pros:
1. It is convenient to make. Pop in the microwave. The only downfall to this would be if you do not have a microwave because this is the only method of making.
2. You get two sandwiches, so 2 for $3 was how I saw it.
3. Easy to make. They come with sleeves like Hot Pockets.
4. Good source of fiber - 6g per serving

The Cons:
1. Disgusting, processed cheese. After I finished, my stomach hurt real bad.
2. High in sodium - 710 mg per serving - sort of high, especially for people with high blood pressure
3. It was supposed to have Turkey Bacon - where was it?

I want people to understand, this was not all bad. I liked the fact it had peppers and some additional flavors, but I think the processed cheese really messed up the taste of the sandwich. I plan to make this myself at home, and will share the results in the end. Remember, breakfast is important, and provides many benefits to you. So, when you run to the store try one of the other options, and if you do not get a chance to do so, I will probably review it for you by then.

TW aka Plus Size Health Nut
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Thursday, June 13, 2013

***Breakfast Talk*** Oatmeal

The mornings can be very difficult for some people to fully function, let alone to ask them what they are having for breakfast. Many Americans do not eat a regular breakfast during the week, and why? Because they do not have the time in the morning, they skip and just wait for lunch. But, by doing this you are putting yourself in a deeper situation - eating a heavier lunch or snacking on unhealthy things in effort of trying to fight the urge.

My members are told to try and eat something each morning. At first, it does seem difficult because you are used to it yet, but once you put your body in the habit, you will find there are many benefits. So, the next question for my busy individuals trying to be healthy, and avoid the donut cart outside your job - what should I eat?

My suggestion: OATMEAL!

Oatmeal has many great benefits.

Why is oatmeal so good?

1. Can assist in weight loss: Oatmeal is full of FIBER, and when we have fiber, we feel fuller longer. This will help you cut down on your snacks in between breakfast and lunch.
2. Lower Cholesterol: When people think of healthy living, they think it means doing right to avoid diabetes and high blood pressure, but some people need to lower their cholesterol, especially bad cholesterol. The MayoClinic recommends one in need of lower their cholesterol, to eat oatmeal.
3. Whole Grain: Oatmeal is a whole grain, and this can help in lowering your risk of high blood pressure and Type 2 Diabetes. Making your own oatmeal is the best option because most packaged oatmeal can be full of sugar and sodium - two negatives.
4. Nutrients can lower risk of cancer: The nutrients and fiber found in oatmeal can lower one's risk of certain cancers.
5. Fast and Easy to Make:  Can be made quick and easily in the microwave or using a small pan. This will help people who need to eat breakfast, but cannot think of anything.

Do not force your body to wait until lunch time to feed it. Feeling dizzy or withdrawn is not healthy, and making sure you have the proper nutrients to get you through the day is most important. So, try oatmeal, and tell me what you think after a week.

TW aka Plus Size Health Nut
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Thursday, June 6, 2013

FOOD REVIEW: Kashi's Pizza

So, I am no food expert, but as I try new things and seek to find ways to constantly enjoy eating healthy, I like to share my experiences with you all. So, Monday I was at Target, and saw Kashi's BBQ Recipe Chicken Pizza.

Well, I will say, I LOVE THIS PIZZA. Why?

1. It does not taste healthy!
2. You get huge, real chunks of chicken breast on the top of your pizza
3. You get nice sized onions and peppers which are very tasty
4. The crust is thin and has a nice taste. Does not taste like whole grain crust. Most wheat crust tastes like cardboard - not this one
5. Icing on the cake - instead of pasta sauce, they use BBQ sauce, hence the name. I was in heaven. I love BBQ!
6. Full of benefits - high in fiber (6g), high in protein (15g), and decent calories (240 cal per 1/3 serving size)

I recommend my pizza lovers to try this ASAP. Do not get the store's greasy pizza filled with oil. This is great for dinner with a side salad - delicious!

TW aka Plus Size Health Nut

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

***NEW*** Quick Meal Under 20 Minutes

My members are constantly asking how they can make a quick meal under 30 minutes because they live hectic lives. I always try to find ways to help them and you!

You will need the following items:
1 pouch of Chicken of the Sea Pink Salmon
1 Single Serving of Uncle Ben's Rice
1/2 bag of Bird's Eye Steamfresh or any brand of steamable vegetables

So, take the salmon, put it in a pan with some seasoning. I enjoy LEMON PEPPER or MRS. DASH

Let the salmon lightly brown. While you are doing that, put the bag of Bird's Eye Vegetables into the microwave for 4-5 minutes (see the package to accomodate your microwave)

 Once your salmon is finished cooking, your vegetables should be done too. Turn the pan off and take the vegetables out the microwave. Put the Uncle Ben's brown rice in the microwave. They say 45 seconds, but I typically put it in there for 1:15 minutes.
So, once you have made all your indigridents. You should put 1/2 the bag of vegetables on a plate first, then dish out the rice, and place the salmon on top of the rice. I mixed mine, but some people may not want to. This meal is quick, fast, and DELICIOUS.

Also, if you buy the items from Walmart (especially the salmon and Uncle Ben's Rice) it should only cost you $1 each. So, you have a meal for literally $3 (steamable vegetables are constantly on sale.

Try it and tell me how you enjoyed it!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Breakfast... is it really important?

I am constantly asked this question about breakfast. Is breakfast important? Yes.

Breakfast is the one burst of energy someone is going to get, and skipping breakfast can provide you an opportunity to fuel your body because attempting to run on E until lunch or even dinner is just going to make you more tired. We need our vitamins and nutrients in order to PROPERLY function; therefore, why not give your body what is needs to run? It is like running a car on E - how far will you get? Nowhere...

On a healthy aspect of breakfast and skipping it - when you "starve" yourself when you finally sit down to eat, you are going to overindulge because typically by that time, you are hungry. Eating when you are hungry or "starving" is very bad, but most people do it because they are too busy to stop and have a small or big breakfast. No, stop overindulging your body at once with the one or two meals a day. Eating breakfast can provide you an opportunity to truly monitor how much you eat later.

But, also keep in mind, if you do eat breakfast, but do not eat again until dinner, then you are doing the same thing by skipping lunch. Try to find the time to eat those small 5-6 meals a day. Simple things like yogurt, nuts, smoothies, or half a whole grain muffin are great options. Oh, do not forget to drink a cup of water (lemon water perhaps) with your meal to keep you full for at least 2-3 hours.

Try it. Breakfast is IMPORTANT my friends :-)

TW aka Plus Size Health Nut

Friday, May 24, 2013

REAL CONVERSATION: Summertime Survival?

Memorial Day is approaching, so that means BBQs. With BBQs comes fighting temptation.  Normally people go out and over indulge. Depending on what is available at the event you're at, you have a few options.
1. Plan for the outing: if you know in advance about the event then attempt to eat clean days before and meals during the day. We cannot expect people to have Turkey Burgers or veggie burgers. So, if you're clean all week,  you won't feeling as bad
2. Offer to bring something: this is an easy way to bring something you prefer. But, if you bring Turkey burgers, see if your budget allows for a pack of franks. Don't be selfish
3. Eat before you go: this is the best choice for people really diligent with their decisions.  Full up on your goodies,  so you will only nibble on theirs
4. Go for the best options: normally all BBQs have some salad or beans.  Get a plate of salad with just a burger patty. Best of both worlds. You will be surprised how full you'll get
5. Dance: if they have music, then dance. Keeping active at the BBQ will help you not think of food, or after you eat, get up and burn calories
6.  Exercise before and after: plan to exercise earlier that day and the day after the festivities. This is very important to ensure you keep your metabolism going.
Being healthy has nothing to do with sheltering yourself from the good times with family and friends, but you have to know how to survive through the process because you can easily equal out, and if you are focused on losing some weight, you do not want to lose 3 pounds during the week, but end up gaining 4 pounds just over the weekend - this is possible. One day of bad eating or late eating will not ruin your life, but it could hinder your weight loss progress.
So, enjoy the summer time, but keep your goal in focus... Understand what it is you want the most - being healthy, and living a healthier life! Remember the goal is to be successful each day you live.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Great Summer Alternative to Coffee

So, by now you guys know I am addicted to Starbucks - please don't judge me. But, last year they came out with Green Coffee Bean Refreshers. They have Cool Lime and Very Berry Refreshers. To top it off it is low in calories.
So, you get your caffeine,  but without the coffee taste and low calories? We cannot lose at all.
This summer take a trip to Starbucks,  and order a Cool Lime Refresher with light ice.
Live healthy,  but at least be happy about it!
TW aka Plus Size Health Nut