Friday, May 24, 2013

REAL CONVERSATION: Summertime Survival?

Memorial Day is approaching, so that means BBQs. With BBQs comes fighting temptation.  Normally people go out and over indulge. Depending on what is available at the event you're at, you have a few options.
1. Plan for the outing: if you know in advance about the event then attempt to eat clean days before and meals during the day. We cannot expect people to have Turkey Burgers or veggie burgers. So, if you're clean all week,  you won't feeling as bad
2. Offer to bring something: this is an easy way to bring something you prefer. But, if you bring Turkey burgers, see if your budget allows for a pack of franks. Don't be selfish
3. Eat before you go: this is the best choice for people really diligent with their decisions.  Full up on your goodies,  so you will only nibble on theirs
4. Go for the best options: normally all BBQs have some salad or beans.  Get a plate of salad with just a burger patty. Best of both worlds. You will be surprised how full you'll get
5. Dance: if they have music, then dance. Keeping active at the BBQ will help you not think of food, or after you eat, get up and burn calories
6.  Exercise before and after: plan to exercise earlier that day and the day after the festivities. This is very important to ensure you keep your metabolism going.
Being healthy has nothing to do with sheltering yourself from the good times with family and friends, but you have to know how to survive through the process because you can easily equal out, and if you are focused on losing some weight, you do not want to lose 3 pounds during the week, but end up gaining 4 pounds just over the weekend - this is possible. One day of bad eating or late eating will not ruin your life, but it could hinder your weight loss progress.
So, enjoy the summer time, but keep your goal in focus... Understand what it is you want the most - being healthy, and living a healthier life! Remember the goal is to be successful each day you live.

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