Sunday, May 5, 2013

SNACKS! - Healthy Edition

Every day is a challenge. You are looking for guidance on how to exactly live a healthy life, but you cannot seem to fight temptation. All of a sudden, you are always hungry, and if you do not have your meals available to you, you  will eat anything. Well, there is a simple and easy solution to this – snacks!

No, not a bag of potato chips from the job’s vending machine, but preparing your own snacks and have them with you at all times. When I first started this journey, I could not understand why I was always hungry, and realized I was awaiting for the next meal to eat. Or, I found myself at people’s houses and you get hungry or feel like snacking on something, but they never had anything healthy. After the first week, I decided to not only prepare my meals, but also prepare my snacks for the day.

Snacks come in variety, even for healthy people. No, I am not saying have an apple in your bag just in case, but there are different healthy snacks you can carry with you to temporary satisfy that craving. Going to list a few here:

*Baby Carrots – this is one of my favorite snacks to carry with me. I buy a small bag and separate them into sandwich Ziploc bags. Since I wear a lab coat or scrubs at work (no, I am not a doctor or nurse), I put the small Ziploc bag in my pocket and munch on them until lunch time or until I leave work. Carrots can be eaten with peanut butter or low-fat ranch dressing, but not to put in your pockets too. LOL. But, carrots are excellent!

*Apple Slices – I prefer golden delicious apples. If you take the time in the morning and cut your apple into thin slices, you will be surprised how you can fill up a small Ziploc bag. Apples are high in fiber; therefore, it is a great aid in your weight loss program.

*Nuts and Cranberries – I prefer almonds and sunflower seeds with dried cranberries. This taste delicious. There are some brands that sell them mixed with different nuts, or you can buy them and put them into Ziploc bags like the others.

*Cucumbers and tomato salad – this is one of my least favorites, but people who are following Success Weight healthy living program find it delicious and very easy to make for a small bowl.

*Greek Yogurt – this is becoming very popular. Greek yogurt with a some fresh fruit (if this available to you), or buy a name brand like Chobani or Dannon (my two favorite greek yogurt brand).
This journey is designed to make us healthy. So, do not fall into the traps of temptation. Remember do not make excuses for healthy unhealthy. Surround yourself with positive people, foods, and thoughts  - you will reach that goal…



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