Tuesday, June 4, 2013

***NEW*** Quick Meal Under 20 Minutes

My members are constantly asking how they can make a quick meal under 30 minutes because they live hectic lives. I always try to find ways to help them and you!

You will need the following items:
1 pouch of Chicken of the Sea Pink Salmon
1 Single Serving of Uncle Ben's Rice
1/2 bag of Bird's Eye Steamfresh or any brand of steamable vegetables

So, take the salmon, put it in a pan with some seasoning. I enjoy LEMON PEPPER or MRS. DASH

Let the salmon lightly brown. While you are doing that, put the bag of Bird's Eye Vegetables into the microwave for 4-5 minutes (see the package to accomodate your microwave)

 Once your salmon is finished cooking, your vegetables should be done too. Turn the pan off and take the vegetables out the microwave. Put the Uncle Ben's brown rice in the microwave. They say 45 seconds, but I typically put it in there for 1:15 minutes.
So, once you have made all your indigridents. You should put 1/2 the bag of vegetables on a plate first, then dish out the rice, and place the salmon on top of the rice. I mixed mine, but some people may not want to. This meal is quick, fast, and DELICIOUS.

Also, if you buy the items from Walmart (especially the salmon and Uncle Ben's Rice) it should only cost you $1 each. So, you have a meal for literally $3 (steamable vegetables are constantly on sale.

Try it and tell me how you enjoyed it!

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